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UVA IHSA Riding Team

The University of Virginia Riding Team proudly takes all level members, from beginners to Big Eq riders. We are a club sport, which allows us the freedom to take all levels of riders and all genders. We believe a diverse team makes us stronger.

We compete in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association, Zone 4 Region 2. Not all members can show at each competition, but anyone interested in competing that demonstrates commitment and dedication to the team is able to show by the end of their 4 years on the team. However, there is no requirement that team members must compete.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join the team?

The Virginia Riding Team is a club sport which means we can take any level UVA student who shows the ability and desire to be an involved and committed member. Our riders range from experienced equitation riders to complete beginners. We have limited spots available on the team depending on the availability of our horses and coaches. Members are chosen based on their commitment level to the team. We also take both female and male riders.

Are there tryouts?

Due to the limited number of available spots on the team, there is a commitment-based selection process at the beginning of the year. Interested students will fill out a written application as well as demonstrate their riding for the coaches. Commitment level to the team is the main deciding factor in who is selected.  

In what types of competitions does the team compete?

The Virginia Riding Team competes in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA). We are a part of Zone 4, Region 2. We compete in 4 IHSA horse shows each semester plus Regionals, Zones, and Nationals in the spring. The team also historically has competitively competed in ANRCs and the Collegiate Cup. 

Must all team members compete?

No, there is no requirement to compete. Those who wish to compete simply sign up for shows at the beginning of the semester, and the coaches pick the line up for each show.

How often would I ride?

Members must ride twice a week. Each lesson is with a team coach and 3-5 UVA riders. 

How do I balance the team with school?

Our coaches make the lesson schedule around the students' school schedules. This means that students will never need to compromise their work in order to be a part of the team.

How do I get to the barn?

First-year students may not have a car at UVA. Therefore, our team uses a carpool system to ensure that all team members have a way to get to the barn whenever they need to.

Can I compete outside of normal team horse shows?

Yes, the team rides at the Barracks Farm, which is a full-service show barn in Charlottesville. That means that team members can lease a show horse for a competition, a semester, or a year and compete with a Barracks trainer.

Can I bring my horse to the Barracks?

Yes, and team members are encouraged to! Bringing a horse to the Barracks guarantees you a spot on the team as it means there are more available school horses for others. You can arrange with the Barracks staff to board a horse. If you would like to do so, feel free to reach out to us ahead of time to begin arrangements.

Are there social events?

Yes, our team spends plenty of time bonding outside of the ring. In the past, we have gone apple picking, tailgated at the Foxfield races, gone to UVA sporting events, held mixers with other club sports, and more! You're able to join as only a social member which allows you to participate in these fun events, just won't allow you to take lessons. This is a great way to stay connected with the horse world!
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